Introducing NPT Support Dog – Zeva the Dobermann

News Introducing NPT Support Dog Zeva The Dobermann 1We all know that dogs make us happier, with their adoring eyes, cute wet noses and unconditional love and loyalty.

There have been a significant number of studies to show the many benefits of human and animal interactions. These interactions have been shown to improve our level of social attention and our interpersonal interaction skills.

They literally lift our moods by impacting stress-related parameters like cortisol, heart rate, and blood pressure. Our four-legged friends can ease our fears and anxieties and some suggest they do this by activating our oxytocin systems. 

On top of all of this, dogs are absolutely adorable. Our official support dog Zeva has brought many of us at NPT, and CDC, bucket loads of joy and warm, furry moments.

We met Zeva for the first time at our Noble Park branch on the 10th of October and it was love at first sight. Since then she has visited NPT crews and management at Mitcham and Thomastown, and NPT and CDC workers in Geelong. We hope to see Zeva travel out to some our Victorian regional branches in the new year.

Zeva the Dobermann, who has become a bit of a star around here, has a background as a champion show dog and is no stranger to a working life. This little lady is the sweetest, most gentle over achiever.

She has attained the title of Australian National Kennel Council Track and Search Grand Champion, a register of Merit with the National Dobermann Council, and won Versatile Dog of the Year in 2016.

Zeva belongs to one of our Northern Metro Melbourne Patient Transport Officer’s, Debra Armstrong. We are grateful to her for bringing Zeva into our workplaces, her presence adds immeasurable value to the workday and puts a smile on so many faces.

If you would like to see more pictures of this classy little lady, you can check her out on Instagram @zevathedobermann

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