Archie’s Visit

Archie Best
Pictured left to right, Leanne, Archie, and Bill. Bill has been a volunteer fire fighter for 39 years and is Captain of the Yarra Glen Fire Brigade. Leanne is also a member of this brigade.

Archie and his carer approached me to see if I would be able to arrange for Archie to visit our Fire Station in Yarra Glen.

We arranged a day and a time for Archie and his carer to visit the fire station.

Archie is 19 years old and an avid emergency services enthusiast, so much so that he had heard my voice over the radio. He knew my voice well enough to make an apt but cheeky joke about my radio demeaner, which I was impressed by. Archie also suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

While getting to know Archie, showing him around the fire station, he asked me what I did for a job. I told him I worked in the Non-Emergency Patient Transport sector. Archie asked if it was like ‘NPT’, and I was immediately impressed by the fact that he knew the company. He mentioned that he would like to have a look at where I work as well, so I made a few calls to see what we could do. With the help of Gavin, Meaghan, Leanne, and Amanda, we made it happen.

Archie loved being able to get up close to the Ambulances and he loved the goody bag of merchandise that was arranged for him.

It was great to see the huge smile on Archie’s face and Leanne and I enjoyed being able to make this wish come true.

Bill Boyd,
Patient Transport Officer

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