Vision & Values

To be Australia’s leading national provider of choice for Non‑Emergency Patient Transport and training services to public and private health care sectors.

As one of Australia’s leading Non‑Emergency Patient Transport providers, NPT transports in excess of 200,000 patients each year. Our focus is to provide high quality clinical care and safe and timely patient transport.

Our Heart Values

NPT aims to establish strong partnerships with customers and continually strives to deliver best practice patient care. We are committed to developing and improving patient transport solutions that benefit customers and patients.

NPT’s HEART values are at the core of our business. We strive to be Australia’s most trusted and reliable patient transport provider.

Values High Standards
High Standards
We aim to attain the highest standard of service delivery, quality, safety,
and clinical practice. Our staff are committed to participating in
continuous learning and professional development, to work beyond what is
expected and come to work to make a difference.
Values Efficiency
To be efficient and effective in our approach to give the most appropriate
solution each time for our customers, patients, and the business. We
continuously adapt and respond to changing circumstances and use our
initiative to achieve the best outcome.
Values Accountability
We accept our individual and team responsibilities to meet our customers and
patients’ needs and expectations. We take responsibility for our performance
in all of our decisions and actions.
Values Respect
We honour the rights and beliefs of colleagues, patients and customers. We
treat everyone with the highest degree of dignity, equality and respect.
Values Teamwork
We promote and support a diverse, yet unified, team. We work together to
meet our common goals.

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National Patient Transport (NPT) is a leading private provider of Non‑Emergency Patient Transport, committed to delivering best patient and customer experience, safely and efficiently.