Getting onboard with Lifeblood Teams

News Getting Onboard With Lifeblood Teams

Did you know that every single blood donation has the capacity to save 3 lives?

The Australian Red Cross needs over 29,000 blood and plasma donations every week. As frontline healthcare workers, we know first-hand how important it is, and how big a difference it can make, to the 1 in 3 Australians who will require a life-saving blood donation during their life.

NPT have a registered Lifeblood Team. We are encouraging our employees who donate blood to add your donations to our tally.

To join our team, search ‘National Patient Transport Group’ in the ‘Teams’ section of your online account. If you’re not a regular blood donor, we encourage you to read up about the great work undertaken by Red Cross Australia at

We will provide regular updates on NPT’s donation tally, and stories from our teams about their own personal experiences.

NPT’s 2021 Tally is sitting at 12 donations of Plasma. That number can save the equivalent of 36 lives. It may not be a grand number, but to each one of those 36 people and their families, it has made a pretty grand impact.

Ambulance Attendant Lynette Young shares her donation story:

“Ever since I was little I’ve always been needle phobic… I got the courage to make an appointment for my first donation in the city only to find when I got to the centre I had left all my ID at home…I worked up the courage once again, made sure I had my ID and went to my appointment. I sat in the big recliner, being very brave, took a deep breath… I could handle it… I was able to donate every 2 weeks, alternating between platelets and plasma and whole blood every 3 months. I’m now up to my 135th donation this Friday. I would love to get to 500.” 

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