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NPT Group offers a range of transport services designed to meet the various requirements of our healthcare network customers. Our services provide customers with significant bed flow management and cost benefits, while maintaining our commitment to patient safety and care. NPT is also one of the approved contractors for Ambulance Victoria (AV) to provide healthcare transport on their behalf.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) Clinical Practice Protocols underpin our service delivery and we act in accordance with the NEPT Regulations and Act.


NPT has a fleet of specially designed stretcher transport vehicles, which transport low and medium acuity patients. Stretcher transport vehicles are operated by one qualified Ambulance Transport Attendants (ATA) and one qualified Patient Transport Officers (PTO). All ATAs are accredited in rapid response defibrillation and are able to attend to a range of clinical problems such as breathing difficulties, cardiac arrest, pain management and oxygen administration. Our modern fleet of ambulance vehicles all carry oxygen equipment (both portable and fixed), suction, airway management equipment, cardiac monitor, defibrillator and first aid supplies.


Clinic Transport is a cost effective alternative to stretcher transport for ambulant (walker) or wheelchair bound patients. Clinic Transport vehicles are operated by one qualified Patient Transport Officer who possesses the necessary skills and attributes in patient care.

Hoist Vehicles are non-emergency ambulances for sitting and wheelchair-bound patients. The patient is lifted by hoist into the vehicle and may take his or her own wheelchair.

Walker vehicles are designed for ambulant patients and are commonly used by hospitals to transport patients to and from outpatient appointments.