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NPT Group assists our customers by:

  • Improving patient flow and access through the provision of reliable non emergency patient transport services
  • Reducing the cost of non-emergency patient transport by offering various modes of transport
  • Transporting patients in a timely and professional manner
  • Offering 24 hour support through the Operations Centre

NPT Group employs over 300 highly experienced staff whose qualifications meet or exceeds industry standards. Our crews operate a modern fleet of over 100 tailored vehicles to meet the needs of our customers whilst also ensuring compliance with the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Act.

NPT Group provides services in Victoria and Western Australia and is currently expanding into New South Wales. We operate from several branches across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria with the head office situated in Mt Waverley. State wide operations give NPT unrivalled capacity to service the needs of our customers.

Located at the NPT head office, the Operations Centre is managed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Operations Centre acts as a booking agent for Victoria’s leading hospitals as customers arrange all their patient transportation needs including metropolitan, regional, and interstate. The Operations Centre also acts as an after hours call centre for the Department of Human Services Office of Housing and has capacity to offer this service to alternative industries as required.