Inspiring the Health Care Professionals of Tomorrow

Group image of the community event of inspiring the health care professionals of tomorrow

Brian Pichinte, one of our NSW Ambulance Attendants, organised a community event for his Church in Cabramatta West, showcasing one of our vehicles, and inspiring some of the health care professionals of tomorrow.  Brian shares a little bit about the day, the organisation, and his own history in health care.

How did you come to be involved in this event?

I am the Director of the Pathfinder Club at my church, Cabramatta West Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church. Pathfinders is an organisation catered to youth aged between 10 and 15 and is sponsored by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Though similar to Scouts, Pathfinders place a strong emphasis on spiritual, physical, and mental development through physical activities involving action, adventures, challenges and life skills.

My leadership team and I have strong backgrounds and interests in health – I have completed my Paramedicine degree and am close to the completion of my Nursing degree. We were keen to share our knowledge and skills with our Pathfinder Club to educate and inspire.

Our Cabramatta West Pathfinders completed their Basic Rescue Honour. The Basic Rescue Honour is categorised under Health and Science and is a component of the Health Master Award. The Pathfinders discussed ways of attracting and communicating with rescue aircrafts, identify indicators for the need of an immediate rescue, demonstrate proper ways to help and move a victim from life-threatening situations, and discussed the information needed when reporting a missing person.

The skills learnt during the Basic Rescue Honour have prepared our Pathfinders for future outdoor events, such as hikes, expeditions, and bush camping.

A girl smiling in the NPT vehicle

Is it something you have participated in before?

I participated in rescue tasks when I volunteered with the Red Cross in El Salvador and in practical scenarios during my time at university. However, this is the first time our Pathfinders have participated in an activity like this, and it was a very unique experience.

Can you tell me a little bit about the first aid and CPR you shared with the kids and how they responded?

Pathfinders are keen and curious learners. They learnt basic first aid skills including how to splint and bandage for wounds and bites. They also participated in providing CPR to our mini mannequin. The Pathfinders had so much fun completing these activities. 

Were there kids interested in becoming paramedics/PTOs/ATAs?

Our Pathfinders showed their interest in health jobs and finding out about the work we do at NPT, in ambulances and hospitals. One of the younger kids said that he “can’t wait to be a Pathfinder so [he] can do all these cool things”. They were extremely excited and grateful to
see an ambulance, have a look inside
and have the ECG dots placed on their arms and legs to get a reading of their heart activity.

The Ambulance Attendant sharing knowledge with kids

What was the highlight of the day, for you?

Seeing the Pathfinders so interested in health, helping others, and being very involved during discussions and activities was the highlight of the day for me. They were very curious about what NPT does, the people we transport and attend to, and the equipment on board. The parents were also interested to know what I do as an Ambulance Attendant at NPT.

Did you learn anything?

We learnt the importance of teamwork! Our younger Pathfinders were able to work together to perform a four-person rescue carry on one of our older Pathfinders and carry them 10 metres!

Is there anything else you would like to share about the event/the kids/the organisation?

There are nearly two million Pathfinders around the world! Any youth, regardless of faith or religious belief, who promises to abide by the Pathfinder Pledge and Law is accepted. If you are interested in Pathfinders, feel welcome to reach out to your local Seventh Day Adventist Church.

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